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Recruiters, find your best client workflows; better-priced and more efficient than leading HRMS/HCM software. Follow job applicants through the entire hiring process. Manage employees & HR beyond. Free trial or read more.


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Find workflows similar to HubSpot, Workday, Recruiterflow and Peoplesoft.

Social features for communicating with job applicants:

Employee Turnover & Retention

Companies need to continue to attain the attention of younger employees in their twenties, as you get older you're more risk averse and more than likely to stick around. It's important to match the employee social values, and offer parallel opportunities to a wide-range (or variety) of skills and job duties in order to deter a younger employee from seeking a new position elsewhere. Money isn't always the factor, skills and other domain experience often is, or traveling ... so a flexible work environment and structured leaves for travel, or family should be out in the open in the interviewing process. Often when people lack for answers, there has to be a truely anonymous survey polling and support mechanism of mentors (that are not directly responsible for your salary or managing your day-to-day life) the risk will outweigh the reality and that's a recipe for a resignation letter.
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